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Take Back Our Health

Our health has been hijacked from us, taken from us slowly, quietly, over the past century. Our current food, social, family, school, work, faith-based, and community environments, health care institutions, and government policies make it hard for us to make healthy choices. We are presented with choices that foster bad habits. But together, getting and staying healthy is possible given the right information, tools, support, and collective action to take back our health . Read more here and Get Back Our Health Today

For Our Bodies


One in two Americans has pre-diabetes or diabetes. Chronic lifestyle-preventable and -treatable diseases kill……Continue Reading

For Our Families

You have total control over what you bring into your home, and what you choose to do there. Begin health at home… Continue Reading

In Our Communities

We live in communities without sidewalks, or where it is not safe to walk down the street, or where we must walk… Continue Reading

In Our Schools

Schools have become hazardous zones full of empty calories, junk food, and stripped-down physical education programs. ….Continue Reading

In Our Workplaces

Workplaces are dangerous environments. Chips, candy, soda, too much sitting and stress make us sick and fat & cost… Continue Reading

Places of Worship

Most churches and synagogues offer food that gets people to heaven early. Make faith about body, mind and spirit….Continue Reading

From Media & Food

The average kid spends 7 1/2 hours a day in front of a screen watching billions of dollars in advertising for foods of the….Continue Reading

In Our Democracy

Our health care policies and lobbying lead to perverse incentives that don’t promote good medicine….. Continue Reading

“Sick Care” System

Our health care system has become all about disease care. Help make it about health and wellness…. Continue Reading

Recently Caught

We are waking up, join us in a revolution of the mind and body and show us how you are getting caught in the act of getting healthy. Post videos, photos or simply just tell us your story!

Ideas Shared

Thank you Dr. Hyman for giving us the guiding light


Here’s how we can follow it— Using Dr. Hyman’s plate. Dr. Hyman’s voice with Dr. Hyman’s plate. Improve plates at school!

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Get up and get healthy!

Pretty smiling girl relaxing outdoor

1. Promote plants, they’re still seen as second class. 2. Make healthy mainstream. Many Americans still think its elitist to not be fat. 3. Teach true health in schools.

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Mama Gena’s suggestions to sweet success!

Five young students study and reading outside in a college

Teach our kids by example Eliminate unhealthy food at school lunches Charge large taxes on soft drinks and sugar

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Group of sport teens different ethnicity jumping winter outdors

Get younger generation to use Google/Facebook to buy in, do not try to change the established regimen, get better food in public school system.

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Let’s fight together to take back our health!


People need to vote with their wallets on the type of health care they want to have Give physicians education on functional medicine and how they and patients can made a difference. Educate people that there is a better way and to join the fight for it.

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It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…


1. Education 2. Inspiration 3. Action

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To fix our health we must fix our health care


Change the training of healthcare professionals to be more holisitic. Work in the academic health centers to push forward inpatient and outpatient integrative care

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Better eating, better living

Loving couple having fun on the beach

Learn three (or more) new meals to cook, eat more veggies, and cut down (or out) animal protein.

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Quick ways to make big changes

olives on eastern market

– Support organic farmers and eat organic foods – Support labeling GMO – Spread the truth whenever you can

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