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Author Archive | Mark Hyman, MD

Peter Ricci

My idea is built around a new way to think about Health Insurance, Community and Investment. Why should a young person have to purchase insurance monthly/annually that is overpriced and underutilized, just in the hope that one day they may need it in case of emergency? My hope is that one day I build a […]

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Thalya Olmos

I want to see people engaging in the community and lobbying local governments to allow more farmers markets to spring up, not just on Sundays, but everyday! Encourage local people to produce food for local communities, free up vacant government land for farming, springing up young entrepreneurs everywhere.

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Tammy P. Salem MA

I want my children to live in a world where they are not entirely surrounded by advertising that encourages them to make the wrong decisions in relation to eating. Big brands market around fun and family when the majority of their products are processed, full of sugar and terribly to the health and wellbeing of […]

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